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About Aaron Bryant

Aaron Bryant has acquired an Associates of Science degree at Salt Lake Community College, a Bachelor in Social Work degree at the University of Utah , completed an Alcohol and Drug Counseling program at the University of Utah, a Masterís Degree in Social Work at the University of Utah, and Master of Public Administration program at the University of Utah with a Major Research Paper dedicated to the exploration of methods to reduce sexual violence, raise sexual violence awareness, and provide adequate resources for victims of sexual violence.

He has experience working with patients at the University of Utah dep. of Psychiatry from 2007-2016. He served on a specialty team at Adult Probation & Parole, Utah dep. of Corrections with probation officers who receive substance use disorder training and provide assessments and referrals as an alternative to incarceration. He has treated individuals with co-occurring substance use disorders for over 11 years. Aaron was most recently employed at the Department of Workforce Services involved with a project which develops methods to reduce intergenerational poverty. He is now The Clinical Director of Inspiro Recovery Center which is a substance use disorder treatment center founded by and primarily staffed by individuals in long-term recovery.

Aaron is a person in long term recovery and is the author of a memoir which illustrates his journey in recovery which is a source of his passion to support individuals in making positive life transformations.